5 Back To School Organising Tips For Busy Mums
Get your home ready for the back to school rush!

    Get sorted for the week on a Sunday by preparing clothes for each day in advance. 

    Everything your child needs to get dressed for school, including underwear and socks should be collated in an easily accessible space.

    My son is young enough that his clothes fit into a small basket,  but if your children are older consider hanging everything on labeled coat hangers so they can see at a glance which uniform they need to grab!

    Using the same method as clothes and sorting by day, look at organising lunchbox snacks and food into daily tubs or containers.

    Pack each container on a Sunday night with any food items that will be put into lunchboxes.

    Each night when prepping lunches for the next day, pop the fresh food or item that needs to defrost, straight into the lunchbox that’s been emptied from the current day.

    You can also use the sort by day concept for dinnertime! Use separate containers, labelled with the day and pop your meal plan ingredients straight in for a quick grab and go vs searching for 8 separate ingredients.

    Tip: You can premake and freeze sandwiches! Just pull out of the freezer the night before and pop them into the lunchbox in the fridge. Easy peasy!

“Sorting by day is a game-changer.

It will make your morning flow with ease. Just grab and go!”


Create a zone for transitioning between school and home. This will look different in every home but here are the essentials

  • A hook to hang their schoolbag. Having items off the floor is a game changer and makes it more accessible for you
  • Somewhere to file school papers. This Kvissle rack from Ikea is a great option. Add labels for each child and then create a “to be actioned” and “to be filed” section
  • Somewhere to store school shoes. This may be a basket, a shoe rack, a designated shelf. Whatever it is, ensure that it’s for school shoes only!
  • A hook for jackets, scarves, anything that can be worn again without washing

Photo credit, Bec Haynes from Home & Tribe


Before the kids head back to school, take the time to go through their wardrobes and drawers to clear out any clothes that no longer fit, have been damaged, or just haven’t been used in a long time. Do the same for toys and free up space for school items, a homework zone, or even just allow your child to enjoy the empty space.

Having a fresh space can make all the difference

A clear space = a clear mind


Do you have a dedicated space for the keepsakes that come home with your children? The award they’ve been working towards, a special artwork they’ve spent weeks getting right? Without a dedicated storage solution, these items can find themselves floating from room to room with no real home in sight.

Consider using a keepsake box like this one for an easy and efficient way of storing your child’s special mementos. A keepsake box is sorted by year, or age and allows you to quickly pop an item into the relevant year without any thought.

This way, when items come home with your children, they can be quickly filed as soon as they’ve been taken out of a school bag!

Tip: To create a snapshot in time, download our yearly interviews printable for your keepsake box and fill out at the start of each year!