At the time of writing (April 2020) one Australian PR firm survey has revealed up to 88% of Australians are working from home due to the current Corona Challenge.

That’s a lot of dining tables doubling as work spaces!

Below are 5 ideas to help avoid your home office taking over the entire household.

  1. Box Office

Decide which items are essential for your work day and corral together to create your “Office in Box” (or tray or bag). 

Whichever storage solution you choose must be able to fit your chosen items. 

Having a dedicated space and storage solution will allow them to be easily packed away at the end of your working day, and brought out again the next morning.

2. Gotta keep em separated!

Separate the items inside your Mobile Office using clear document wallets such as these. The clear mesh allows you to quickly and easily see what you have, which means less time searching for what you need.

3. Get on top of paper clutter

If your work involves a lot of paperwork, investing in a small suspension file holder is a great idea. Pick one that can fit inside your Office in a Box. Officeworks sell a great range with items such as this one.

If you’re utilising a bag then create a small binder using these zip wallets.This allows you to only take out what you need and keep your other documents protected.

4. Air Print

Invest in a Wireless Printer so you can print documents directly off your phone or laptop from another room. Clear the visual clutter and pop it inside a cupboard or wardrobe

5. Power up

If you find yourself becoming frustrated at moving your laptop charger every day, invest in a better solution. You can purchase portable chargers that will allow you to charge on the go or you may even decide to purchase another charging cable altogether to minimise the “unplug and replug”

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