As promised, I’ve finally finished the Playroom Blog!

This was a much needed and very overdue redo of a space that hasn’t been fully functioning since having Lola 12 months ago.
We’ve tried to future proof this room as best as we can in the hope that it will be a longer term solution for both kids while we’re still in this house.

Previously, our art, craft and painting supplies had lived inside our linen closet. As our collection of craft grew though, we found there were two problems with this
1. Finn had to drag a chair or a stool over every time he wanted to access the supplies
2. We had no dedicated table space for him to take over. This meant the dining table had somehow become the designated arts and crafts zone

I wanted Finn to be able to play independently and have the opportunity to get creative whenever he felt like it.

The space had to have the following

  • An art & craft zone where projects could be stopped and restarted without having to be moved
  • Easily accessible storage for colouring and craft
  • Somewhere comfortable to lay and sit (not just for kids but also for adults)
  • Storage solutions for both large and smaller toys, along with craft bits and pieces
  • The ability to display finished artwork and art in progress

As you can see, I’m asking a lot from this small space… so it has no choice but to be organised!

Chillout Zone

We originally planned on a daybed in this space but couldn’t make it fit. I’m so glad we went with the toddler bed though! A single sized bed would have been too heavy in this room and has allowed us to fit more storage in as well. It’s the Sniglar from Ikea but we actually picked it up on Facebook Marketplace for $20 including the mattress. It came with a protector and was in amazing condition. We stripped and sanitised everything of course though (hello Covid). Brand new this would have cost us $178. A saving of over $150!

Melissa Picture Ledge Ikea
Sniglar Toddler Bed

Large Toy Storage

The Stuva units hold and hide large toys and are easily rolled out when needing access. This photo only shows the one drawer as the second is pulled out and onto the other side of the room (which has been kept empty for this exact reason). The bench top is from Bunnings and was cut to size on site, it’s not secured as the weight of it holds it down.

Inside these drawers you can fit 2 large trofast tubs with an approximate 30cm gap left over on the side. We use the tubs to seperate sections. One tub has superheroes for example.

Stuva units & benchtop

Small Toy Storage

The clear Samla tubs allow Finn to see what’s inside at a glance, and I love that I can remove the lid easily with one hand while holding Lola.

Ikea Samla Storage Boxes
Clear “Samla” storage containers from Ikea

Trofast units are a no brainer for a kids playroom. Super sturdy and easily switched out if you’re someone who rotates toys. The only downside to the wall unit I find is that you don’t actually get that much storage space for the surface area that it takes up. The tubs are quite small and don’t fit a large amount of items. They’re perfect for small craft storage that you may want a little less accessible though.

We also have 3 large Trofast tubs that live inside the wardrobe on the top shelf that we rotate around when needed.

Trofast storage
Trofast storage

Book Storage

Books were a must in this space. I’m a huge reader and I’ve tried to encourage the same for Finn. I used the transparent Mellosa picture ledge from Ikea in this space and will most likely add another one in the future.

Melissa Picture Ledge Ikea
Melossa Picture Ledge Ikea

Art & Craft Zone

The magazine rack and pegboard are also from Ikea. The Kvissle magazine rack is perfect for holding document sized colouring books, paper, etc.

I use the same “to be filed” system as i do for our household paperwork/mementoes. Once this is full it will be sorted and anything being kept will be filed into the kids keepsake boxes.

Art supplies are stored in these Sunnersta tubs from Ikea, they pop straight onto the rail from the same range and can easily be taken off when in use. They also have a flat base so won’t tip over if sat on the bench

Sunnersta tubs, pegboard, magazine rack all from Ikea
Sunnersta tubs
Sunnersta tubs

Art Zone
Art Zone

When the second drawer is put away here the chair is stored next to the desk along with an extra stool for a friend/parent to sit on if needed

What would I do differently? So far everything has worked really well for us.

We decided to not have the paint easily accessible so the caddy has remained in the cupboard for now. We will eventually have to make space for Lola’s toys and I’ve already started listing what labels we’ll need after Christmas.

I’m a firm believer in “Space Limits” though. We do have the option to add more shelving and we also have underbed storage we can utilise. For now though, anything that we consider bringing home has to pass this test. 

Will it fit and be able to be stored in this room easily?


Quilt cover and cushions – Kmart
Wall colours – Top: Grand Piano & Bottom: Misty Moss
Labels – Made on my Cricut Maker
Basket used for bin – Purchased from TK Maxx
Wall hook – DIY made from Tasmanian Oak dowel
Hooks used to hang UkelelePlutt from Ikea
Curtains & curtain rodLenda from Ikea
Wall decals – Watermelon Seeds from Little Cooper Lane
Wall wordsTimber Tinkers
Art displayForsynt curtain wire from Ikea
Baskets – Tjillevips Ikea (discontinued)
Toddler bedSniglar from Ikea
Magazine rack Kvissle from Ikea
Rug – Purchased from Spotlight years ago. Was just supposed to be a filler in our sons room but it’s so soft and comfy and hides spills really well. It’s just microfiber and is apparently black in the “mottled” design but actually looks like a very dark green in real life.

So there you have it! Hopefully you can take away some inspiration from the space we created here. It’s been a huge hit with Finn, he actually slept in here nearly every night for two weeks after his birthday. How could I say no when he tells me how much he loves it!

As always, if you have any questions please pop a comment below or jump over to the instagram page to say hello.

Happy Organising!